New 2021 Toyota Mirai Concept Specs, Release

New 2021 Toyota Mirai Concept Specs, Release – If you look up the term Mariah, tactually means future in Japanese and when we in Greensboro North Carolina. Toyota has just unveiled the very future of their electrified lineup. That is 2021 that’s what? we said 2021 Toyota Mirai.

So if you are unfamiliar with the Mirai name, this is Toyota’s flagship of their electrified line up, New 2021 Toyota Mirai Concept, Specs and Release with hydrogen fuel cell-powered car. We actually had the opportunity to drive this thing there in Greensboro North Carolina for Toyota’s program called evolution.

New 2021 Toyota Mirai Changes

New 2021 Toyota Mirai Changes


The previous generation Mirai let’s just say, it wasn’t very. It wasn’t a very attractive car. in fact, we actually thought it was one of the ugliest looking cars. That Toyota showed back about five years ago when they took the wraps off as.

This new generation shares nothing in common, with the previous model year which is a very good thing. It was just very much one of the most polarizing designs. This thing looks like it could easily wear a Lexus badge from any angle of this car.

New 2021 Toyota Mirai Redesign

The front fascia of this car. Now as you can see obviously, it’s got full LED headlights as standard the grill. Itself obviously you have that gigantic gaping girl. The Toyotas are known for. But, it really works on this car, it really looks like you could just replace the Toyota emblem with a Lexus badge.

In fact, when we asked Toyota, why don’t you just call this a Lexus? we got a couple of answers, that was like we’re not exactly sure. We think New 2021 Toyota Mirai mostly just has to do with the infrastructure.

Now this constant model, that we showing you actually has 20-inch wheels. They’re wrapped in 245 series tires these wheels are gorgeous. Again, We getting very much a Lexus vibe when we see that. When we look at this car, it’s one of the most attractive looking fuel cell cars.

New 2021 Toyota Mirai Concept Interior

New 2021 Toyota Mirai Concept Interior

You can get which is a good thing. because most of the cars that you get on the market right now are really. Really frumpy looking now part of the reason, why this car is so attractive? This is because this is now riding on a rear-wheel-drive architecture. It actually is a rear-drive architecture, that they’ve had in the lineup for a while we had it.

New 2021 Toyota Mirai Concept on Side View

As you can see from side angles it has very nice proportions, It looks low and wide. Toyota says they stretch the overall length by about three inches versus the previous generation. The wheelbase must be grown by 5-inches. So obviously it’s lower, it’s wider sleeker, it’s a very good thing. Because we think the old one just looked a little bit too narrow.

Back View

When you looking at the back, of this thing you can see the design also is equally nice. We understand a lot from Audi a7 in there, especially with the taillights, had, that kind of connect you have these little LED taillights. Obviously, you’ve got the New Toyota Mirai Concept in 2021 the fuel cell badging.

This is a really attractive carpet it looks like it’s gonna be a more of a traditional sedan. We were hoping this thing would be a sport back. But, from the way this concept it looks like it’s gonna be more of an actual sedan profile.

New 2021 Toyota Mirai Concept Interior

Now, in particular, one there doesn’t actually have an interior. But, Toyota did show us actual pictures of the interior, which it’s got a new twelve-point, three-inch display, it’s got a digital display in the instrument panel. It looks again exactly like a Lexus model.

Engine Specs

Toyota doesn’t have the full powertrain specs on this thing. Under the hood, obvious you’re gonna have a fuel cell. Fuel stack system that’s gonna produces the electricity. It’s gonna combine with hydrogen and oxygen to boost electricity.

The water vapor, Toyota says you’re gonna get about 30% better efficiency versus the previous generation. The previous generation offered about 312 miles of range. So preparing some easy math we can assume this thing will offer roughly about a little over 400 miles in terms of rains.

New Toyota Mirai 2021 Specs

New Toyota Mirai 2021 Specs

New 2021 Toyota Mirai Release Date and Price

So when new Toyota Mirai goes on sale in late 2020, We imagine a lot of people are gonna be interested in purchasing that’s. Purchasing this car even though it’s not available in all 50 states. Because it is a fuel cell car. We think what suede has done.

There is they’ve finally designed a fuel cell car. That actually is beautiful and people are gonna want it not just because it’s a fuel cell car. Because It’s actually very beautiful.

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