New 2021 Renault Kadjar SUV Changes, Specs

New 2021 Renault Kadjar SUV Changes, Specs – Mid-sized SUVs, if there isn’t a brand-new one being launched every single week there’s one that’s being updated. This week’s Kansas is the New 2021 Renault Kadjar SUV Changes, Specs, that’s right it’s only been on sale for three years but Renault has given its Nissan Qashqai based mid-sized SUV, a little refreshed When We say little We really do mean little.

There are new front bumpers and on some models, the day running lights double up as the indicators. There are new rear bumpers and the rear lights are full LEDs of New 2021 Renault Kadjar SUV Changes, Specs.

Renault Kadjar Suv 2021 Concept

Renault Kadjar Suv 2021 Concept


Renault is trying to simplify the New 2021 Renault Kadjar SUV range and there’s now just four versions play models get alloys LED daytime running lights while iconic adds a reversing camera keyless entry auto lights and wipers and sat-nav.

The new sedition like this one gets these smart alloys full LED headlights skid blades. A glass roof while GT line adds heated leather seats autonomous parking and blind-spot monitoring.

New 2021 Renault Kadjar SUV Interior

The quality is mostly good lots of nice soft-touch plastics dotted around the cabin. There are a few scratchy plastics and lower down, but that’s to be expected and on this car got piano black trim down there. Which is as it’s always the way with this trim it scratches really easily not particularly good.

However the one big change in there is in the driver area, there are new climate control dials much nicer. Then the old cars fiddly little buttons these work really nicely. They look great little screens in between them as well.

All looks very nice it’s faux leather and on the seats, it feels great. But Renner has decided to use faux leather on the steering wheel as well and it feels plain.

For storage wise well there’s a couple of cup holders there had their which you can have as wireless charging, But if you like a couple of USB charging ports. a double level storage box there. The glovebox is a really good size but the same can’t be said for the door bins which are a little bit on the small side.

New Renault Kadjar SUV Interior

New Renault Kadjar SUV Interior

Infotainment System

There’s a new infotainment system well the system itself is exactly the same as it was before but the screen is flash it looks a lot nicer. However, it still uses Renaud’s clunky our lynx system it just doesn’t work as well. As a Skoda Crocs for instance and there are new touch-sensitive buttons, which they look great. When you’re actually driving trying to operate them is a little bit difficult.

Back Seat

The back seat there’s a decent amount of space for a mid-sized SUV. There’s plenty of knee room that seater set up in my driving position. we just over five foot ten and loads of knee room. The headroom is pretty good too despite this glass panoramic roof.

You’d probably squeeze three people back here probably not advisable but there’s plenty of room for two people as well. On sedition models and the baths, you get these two USB charging ports as well. There’s an armrest although we not entirely sure what you fit in those two cupholders and the door bins are a good size too.

There are a few things that small little gripes though. First, is a particular gripe of mine the ice fix points, now the covers aren’t attached. So you take that off from what you do with that you’re going to end up losing that.

Another thing is the soft-touch plastics aren’t repeated on the back doors it’s a small thing We know but the Carlotta Skoda Keurig does this a lot better. That it’s not particularly nice is it.

Boot Capacity

Around the boot and unsurprisingly things are exactly the same as they were before. The New Renault Kadjar 2021 hasn’t got the biggest boot in the class, but nor has it got the smallest it’s on par. There exist a couple of friendly touches like that boot floor which is split and you can raise it up and put some underfloor storage there and you can split the boot into two different compartments which are really nice.

There are little clips on the top of the seat so when you fold down the rear seat seatbelts, Don’t get caught up a nice little touch. speaking of folding the rear seats perfectly straightforward with these levers either side. When they fold down you’ve got an almost flat loading area.

Renault Kadjar Exterior

Renault Kadjar Exterior

New 2021 Renault Kadjar SUV Engine Specs

There’s negative a lot of selection when it arrives at engines, There’s a new 1.3-liter turbo petrol which replaces. The old Kadjar’s 1.2 and a new 1.5 diesel with either 113 brake horsepower and front-wheel drive or hunch. The 48 brake horsepower that four-wheel drive. It’s the lesser-powered diesel that’s the most efficient naturally at 60 mpg and 113 g/km co2 claimed by Renault.

Now we’ve got a 1.3 turbo petrol here If you’re of the view that. Next, we beget got amazing news for y’all because this turbo petrol is really good, it’s nice and responsive it delivers around 40 to 45 mpg. There’s a decent man spoke yes, There is a bit of turbo lag. Once you get this above sort of 2200 rpm it does get a lick on it really does.

If y’all need a small more power than there’s a hundred fifty-eight brake horsepower version of this engine. Replaces the old 1.6 that extra 20 brake horsepower sounds good. In reality, it delivers very little extra performance it just feels a little punchier when changing gears.

Driving A New 2021 Renault Kadjar SUV

You can have it with an automatic gearbox or a six-speed manual, We’ve got the six-speed manual when review it’s, Fine it’s not that. not G there’s a nice sort of slick action to it. But the only thing that sort of ruins it is sort of the plastic gear leaver is the plastic top to it. Because of it sort of rattles around as you change gear. It’s not that nice We mean you wouldn’t find it in a Skoda Karoq but you know generally speaking it’s fine.

It’s quite an engine as well, which is at odds with the rest of the car. Because when you get this car up to motorway speeds, There are a few shortcomings. The as a lot of road noise there’s a lot of wind noise as well as a shame really. It rides like a traditional kind of French car as well.

The suspension control and damping control is very soft despite. The fact we’ve got large wheels on this car there’s a nice level of body control. We mean come on this isn’t gonna be a sporty SUV.

new Renault Kadjar Changes

new Renault Kadjar Changes

And that’s just as well really because if it were a sporty SUV the steering would disappoint you because it’s very lacking in feel We don’t really know what’s going on. It’s overly light as well but We mean this is the type of colors can be doing family duties and it does a good job of them.

Price and Release Date

However, you do get laid keep assist which is an option on the clock and standard on the 3008. But the blind-spot warning isn’t available on the Renault. Then there’s reliability in our 2019 driver power customer satisfaction survey Renault finished 24th out of 26. Car firms while its dealers finish 20th out of 21.

Those stats are rather worrying which is a shame as the Renault Kadjar SUV 2021 is a likable family viii the facelift was subtle has brought. In a better petrol engine is quite smooth and delivers solid performance. The Kadjar is one of them as comfortable SUVs in the class to drive it’s a perfectly decent family SUV.

New 2021 Renault Kadjar SUV Changes, Specs in Video Review


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