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New 2020 Tesla Model 3 Changes Engine Performance

New 2020 Tesla Model 3 Changes Engine Performance – New 2020 Tesla Model 3 If there’s been a more anticipated car in the UK past the last time or so than. The new 2020 Tesla Model 3 changes engine performance then We can’t think of it, but finally, the wait is over and is in here the site. New 2020 Tesla Model 3 Changes and Engine Performance views like nothing else approaching the road.

New 2020 Tesla Model 3 Changes, Engine Performance has been named the Auto Express Car of the Year for 2019. The new Tesla Model 3 is an awful lot to tell you about the Tesla Model 3.

New 2020 Tesla Model 3 Changes

New 2020 Tesla Model 3 Changes


Model 3 seems to be the car that brings together all the great things about Tesla’s other cars and does it just a little bit better. There are three versions of the standard range plus with its W LTP range of 258 miles. A top-spec and slightly bonkers performance model with all-wheel-drive and a variety of 329 miles and the happy medium.

The long-range all-wheel-drive version that’s likely to be a popular choice because it has the most extended range available in the baby Tesla at 348 miles, which when you consider that our average daily drive in the UK is between 20 to 30 miles makes even this car the standard range plus very easy to livers.

The batteries remain guaranteed for eight years or a hundred thousands of miles, and that rises to 120 thousand miles for the performance versions. Now We think there’s something show-stopping about the way Tesla’s look, they turn heads.

There is no grill there’s, no need for one. On this standard model, you get a choice of 18 or 19-inch alloy wheels. The performance upgrade brings larger 20-inch wheels and some sporty styling features. We like the way it looks. It’s modern, clean, and simple, slightly futuristic.

New 2020 Tesla Model 3 Infotainment system

One area that the other manufacturers absolutely cannot compete with New 2020 Tesla Model 3 in right now. Is here, The infotainment system the technology it’s brilliant. There is a lot to talk about it so many things to mention.

Everything is controlled via the central touchscreen. There are a couple of wheels on the steering wheel as well now, even things like adjusting the mirrors, moving the steering wheel up and down. I’m putting the fog lights on has to be done via the screen. It package be a bit of a Vav when you’re on the move.

The air flows out to the main central vent along. And you can control the rate of its flow. There’s a brilliant reversing camera that sends a superb quality picture back here to the screen in front of.

New 2020 Tesla Model 3 Interior

New 2020 Tesla Model 3 Interior

It has a fantastic Google map sat-nav, which allows you to plan your route via the supercharged Network. It’s finding superchargers on the way, and you can easily access information about power charging and energy consumption.

Pet owners are going to love this one. It’s dog mode, so if you do have to leave your pooch in the car for a while, while you pop into a shop, pop off to do something, You select dog mode, and it keeps the temperature nice and calm and controlled.

If, for any reason, the climate control goes off, or it runs out of battery, anything like that. It gives an alert to your phone so that you know you have to come back and get your pooch.

New 2020 Tesla Model 3 Control In Smart Phone

There’s no critical course that’s not. It’s a Tesla everything is controlled via an app. It lets you do a whole range of functions on your smartphone everything from information about charging, to set the climate control, there are different controls. Therefore the car Century mode, valet mode, you can get it to flash the lights.

The batteries, particularly mobile phone batteries, do tend to run out but don’t panic. Because you also get a little credit card type entry key for the day what that exactly happens.


In the interior, there is a steering wheel and a screen, and that is about it. But you know why does there has to be anything else? Tesla always does things differently. Because we’re used to cars that have dials, buttons, and switches in a car’s interior, don’t mean that. That’s the way it always has to be.

Now ads for the build quality it’s perfect. There are no rattles or squeaks in here that We have noticed at all. It looks spotless and straightforward the materials; A tactile they feel the sound quality is it up there with the interior. We don’t know an Audi or a jaguar. It’s not far off, to be honest, and it’s a huge leap forward for them.

Plenty of storage in there the cupholders more down their place, your mobile phone area there. We go, it’s also very delicately balanced with magnets. But you are going to find yourself using blue cloth a lot because it gets filthy with fingerprints.

Longways a fantastic games console that you can play when you’re stationary, you do, of course, get Tesla’s little Easter eggs, which are now in a toy box. They’re in the toy box love this ah perfect for those cold days at the can’t buy attract, and the best thing is that it also turns the heated seats on the starts to blow warm air out, which is fantastic.

Back Seat

In the back, well, let’s start with the positives shoulder room, and the legroom is excellent. You get ISOFIX child seat points on each of the two outer seats. We like the little coat hooks above of you; pop out there. In front of you has a couple of USB ports good-sized pockets on the back of the seats, also perfect size door bins which there are in the front as well.

Right, what’s not so good, well? This irritates me. It does in any car the windows don’t open fully down, find annoying. We guess the batteries are underneath your legs get thrown up pushed up into a slightly strange position.

The Headroom isn’t the best either, I’m only 5 foot 4, and I’m all right, but We had a friend in here the other day. Who was 6 foot 2? Let’s say he couldn’t put his head straight. The think particularly without this lovely glass roof, it could feel quite cramped and quite dark in the back seat.

2020 Tesla Model 3 Exterior Design

2020 Tesla Model 3 Exterior Design

Towing Capacity

Storage space is excellent with an additional and under the boot floor along with side pockets. One of the few levels on the model 3 can be found over the back. Where the lack of guttering means that when it Chuck’s it down and you open the boot things inside, it can get wet. The shape and size of the opening of the boot don’t make it that usable.

Of course, no engine means? You get a trunk and a franc, which you can also open remotely from the tesla app. are you sure? Yes, thank you for checking. We are sure. Such a handy space it’s the right size, and you’ve got little hooks on here to hang shopping off so that Isn’t that drunk.

Of course, there are lots of options available on the car. We really like summon, which means that you can ask the car towards you. It will drive itself out of a secure parking space or if you think a bit lazy sadly. This version doesn’t have that tech, so We can’t show it to you, but we do like it a lot.

Engine Performance

It’s not the performance model, but it is still really quick off the mark. So we’ll take it into standard acceleration. It’s out of creep mode if not very scientific. But Greg is going to time it for me on his screen infotainment.

The official nor 260 figure is 5.3 seconds but gets into that top speed performance model complete with all-wheel drive, and that comes down to 3.2 seconds. This makes it quicker off the line than a McLaren f1, but it’s the happy medium model 3 that’s likely to be the popular choice in the lineup.

The long-range all-wheel drive it certainly isn’t sluggish either with 362 horsepower streaming from its dual electric motors delivering naught to 60 sprints in 4.5 seconds.

About Safety New Tesla Model 3 2020

Model 3 has just been awarded a full five-star euro and cap safety rating. It’s called highly in safety assist; in fact, it was one of the highest scores ever recorded. That’s because it brings together a lot of different systems, So at lane-keeping assist and advanced cruise control, automatic braking brings them all together into one sister.

So we’re on the most way, and this screen is continually showing what’s happening around you, so there was a motorbike going ahead we just passed a larger vehicle. It’s using a series of high-definition cameras also radar to be able to do that. So it could only see the most fight that one passed you can see all the cars around you.

We think human error is a massive part of accidents, isn’t it; It causes 95 percent of all road accidents. So We guess what all this kit together combined is doing is acting a bit like a guardian angel in the back of the car for you.

That will automatically change lanes for you, and in some markets around the world, it will also even take you off the right Junction on the motorway. Sadly we can’t use that here in Europe at the moment, but of course, in we testing time, that will all come.

2020 Tesla Redesign

2020 Tesla Redesign

Charging happens by a type-2 or CCS cable, which gives you access to public fast charging as well as the excellent Tesla supercharger network. Charge at one of the Tesla only stations in a model 3 long-range, and you can charge from 10% to 80% in around 30 minutes while a standard 7.2 kilowatt home charging unit will take you from 10 to 100 percent in about 13 hours. There’s an aged saying all good ideas come to those who wait, and we think that applies to the Tesla Model 3.

Drive A New Tesla Model 3 2020

In the past, I’ve often referred to New 2020 Tesla Model 3 as a tech on wheels brilliant tech. It not quite as bright to drive; however, this changes everything the whole thing is delightful and feels solid on the road. The steering particularly if you get it into sport mode as We have on we test. It’s super impressive, very responsive cars gripping nicely into corners feels well planted on the road. It’s impressive driving dynamics.

The throttle response can’t feel and touch it jerky at first. One thing we do really like is the brakes, usually with electric cars. They can feel very grabby because of the regeneration that’s going on.

A lot of the regeneration with the three happens when you take your foot off the accelerator. The actual braking itself feels there you go. We’re in quite nice and smooth. It is very hard not to keep making the most out of that throttle.

Then, you’re going to find it comfortable. The model 3 is predictably quiet. There’s a bit of wine from those electric motors, but other than that, Some wind and road noise it’s virtually silent.

Price and Release Date

We’ve said; this is the standard model naught to 60 takes 5.3 seconds, although it still feels far quicker than that. It has almost the same performance as the more expensive Model S yet costs just over 37,000 pounds.

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