Lexus ES 2020 Configuration, Price, Specs

Lexus ES 2020 Configuration, Price, Specs – This is the Lexus ES, It’s another Lexus with a seemingly random collection of letters after its name. What you need to know is this? is a rival to the pin value 5 Series Mercedes e-class, the Audi a6, the Jaguar XF and the Volvo s90.

Now that is a tall order has Lexus been able, to build a car that can rival that established competition well that’s the question. We going to find out in this in-depth review. The ES there, what is it well? the es name has been a best-seller for Lexus for 30 years. The UK has never had it what we’ve had for the past couple of decades is the rear-wheel-drive GS.

Lexus ES 2020 Configuration

Lexus ES 2020 Configuration

The car that never really caught on there, This new 2020 Lexus es replaces the GS and if its proportions look a little familiar. That’s probably because underneath the swooping body lies the new Toyota Camry.

Lexus ES 2020 Price and Feature

Now there’s no way you’d mistake this car for the ditchwater dull, Toyota Camry in fact we don’t think he’s mistaken for anything else in the executive car class. We happen to actually rather like it. It looks different but that’s just our view let us know what you think.

It’s rather well priced too prices kick off at 35,000 pounds and there’s a huge amount of kit thrown in like electric and heated leather seats and LED headlights. There’s a racy looking at sport version and a luxurious Takumi model. With heated and cooling seats a head-up display and a posh stereo system.

Lexus ES 2020 Interior

Now We really love this interior, now like most other Lexus models. The design is very simple but is also incredibly effective as well. Lexus ES 2020 Configuration, Price, Specs not all steer like you tend to find in a German car that’s for sure. Now the build quality in The interior is actually very good indeed it pretty much rivals the Germans. For instance the doors, they funk really nicely.

The storage is very good indeed we’ve got a cup holder with a place to store your phone. A couple of USB charging ports as well, we’ve got a massive cubby probably a bit too deep for your typical bottle, you can make it a little bit smaller. We go with that little pop down bit the glove box. It’s a bit of a narrow entry but it is very deep indeed, There we’ve got a pretty good-sized door bin as well.

The armrest there is actually quite clever you open it, There’s a wireless charging pad, there really deep cubby. But you can also open it from the passenger side as well. It was really very clever indeed now, unfortunately. There are a few gripes in there firstly it’s.

Whilst we said earlier on the plastics in there are very good. There is one particular place that really lets the side down and that’s this area really scratchy plastic. It’s got a really sharp edge to it and that’s not what we expect from a car costing forty to fifty thousand pounds.

Interior Quality

Then, The plastics and leather used in there are very nice indeed and you can jazz it up in there as well. You can choose from different colored leathers, you can choose from red for example. Which really is quite an icy ring red.

The rest of the dashboard, the quality is very nice indeed this stitching is used on the door and on the dashboard there. May think that’s used by a machine, a machine has done that no actual human being has done that.

Lexus ES 2020 Interior Redesign

Lexus ES 2020 Interior Redesign

There’s also lots of nice little touches in there as well, like the climate control screens there. Now when you adjust them look at the way they change such a simple little thing but it makes us smile. The rest of the switchgear is lovely as well, This volume knob just feels really nice to use down there.

In typical Japanese style, they’ve thought of everything because we’ve got heated and cooled seats. The heated steering wheel there’s also an auto setting for all of them so that your bottom doesn’t get too hot or it doesn’t get too cold either. There’s even a CD slot as well, remember those CDs and this particular car also got a Marc Levenson stereo absolutely fantastic.

Driving Position

The seating, now the seats themselves are very comfortable indeed this passenger seat. We can even adjust it which is perfect for the minicab market but you tend to sit up too hard. You can’t get a nice low down driving position, which means that our knees are all wise banging up against the steering column.

This steering column does in its most important place we non especially tall but that really does grind our gears. Another thing that grinds our gears is the fact there’s, not much Headroom there either like we say, only just over five foot ten. we feel as armed sitting on top of the car rather than sitting in it.

Infotainment System Lexus ES 2020 Configuration

All of Interior place into insignificance, when we come on to the infotainment screen. The basic ES and the S Sport come with a much smaller display with an ugly border around it. This top specter Kumi comes with a much wider screen. This display itself is not to bad, actually but it’s the functionality we have a problem with.

Then, you don’t get a rotary knob or you it’s not touch-sensitive at all the way you control it is with the touchpad there. Now you find yourself having to make sure you press the right thing. The whole pad is over sensitive and incredibly difficult to use.

We find this system quite dangerous to use on them, on the move. We having to take our eyes off the road to actually control it. This really does let the 2020 Lexus es down massively and makes you realize how good the Mercedes e-class and in particular. They’ve been doing 5-series is for infotainment.

Back Seat

In the back and the first thing you notice is the amount of knee room, you’ve got at this. There’s absolutely tons of it, it’s not actually, The back of a Mercedes s-class and these seat bases are nicely angle. So you get lots of thigh support and they’re very comfortable indeed.

Then, you also get an armrest as you’d expect but it’s normal armrest because on this top-spec Takumi model. We’ve got a big cubby there, little couple of cup holders which is very nice. The big thing this is the fact, these seats are electrically adjustable and the same with that one over there as well.

These ones to be electric would you, but besides they’re not, they’re manually adjustable. So you do that and there’s a little one for this little piece of glass as well. How sweet but also rather unusual. Elsewhere you’ve actually got a good amount of storage, you’ve got nice little door bins there. These airline-style seat pockets, a couple of USB charging ports and a twelve-volt socket as well.

The only bad thing back there is the fact that if you do intend to carry a third person. They will be sitting like the Hunchback of not sure damn because they’re going to be sitting badly. Lexus ES 2020 Configuration, Price, Specs not particularly comfortable and the main reason for that is the Headroom, now whilst the knee room is absolutely brilliant the Headroom isn’t great. We say just over five foot ten and our head is pretty much touching the roof.

Cargo Capacities

The boot, however, is a bit of a letdown, it’s considerably smaller than a Mercedes e-class. In fact, is beaten by most of its rivals not only that but the seats don’t fold down flat meaning space. You get there is he a lot but in fairness, you don’t buy these cars for the amount of space. On offer, you buy them for the way they drive.

Lexus ES 2020 Engine Specs

Now the es, unlike its rivals, only comes with one engine. The Lexus likes to call it a self-charging hybrid but forget the hyperbole. It’s a conventional hybrid we’ve seen three years, so that means a 2.5-liter four-cylinder petrol engine up front an electric motor. The battery pack that charges with brake regeneration you.

It’s in there’s a CVT gearbox so effectively there’s just one gear but there are six steps to mimic gear changes. The Total power is 215 brake horsepower putting the es on par with a BMW 5 – 5 D or a Mercedes e – 20 D.

Lexus ES 2020 Specs Changes

Lexus ES 2020 Specs Changes

Driving The New Lexus ES 2020

Now the question we want to know, Is can the es match up against, Its German rivals when it comes to driving? and the answer to that question is no. But it’s not quite as straightforward as that. The ES gets a new type of suspension, that Lexus is calling a world-first, it’s slightly grandiose to call it unique. In the executive car class at least the ES is suspension is different.

In the church that suspension has a new valve that ensures. The right level of damping is applied at the right time improving low-speed ride and making the car corner flatter at speed. It works pretty well with a plush ride around town and an even smoother one on the motorway.

The really clever thing is when it stiffens the suspension up for fast cornering to prevent the body rolling. It doesn’t mean the ride, is harsh and uncomfortable, it feels just as cosseting as it was around town. That is a real USP in this part of the class because normally especially with the Germans. If you want tight body control it means you have to have sharp uncountable suspension but in the ES there’s no compromise whatsoever.

However, the F Sport gets an adaptive variant of the es is the plant suspension, which adds. Disagreeable jitter, even on some pretty smooth roads it gets more dangerous as you cycle up within the ES is driving styles too.

Along with this nice clever suspension, the steering is actually pretty good. It’s nicely accurate really nicely weighted. The chassis is nice and grippy, it’s a surprisingly nice car to drive.

It doesn’t worry a beam though you 5-series at all and it doesn’t offer that nice blend of agility. The polish that you get from an Audi a6 either now the Lexus is really getting the hang of these engines. The CVT transmissions, We mean they’re so much better than, they used to be. We’ve seen that with the Corolla the CHR and various other Lexus models like the new X.

We mean compared to a diesel engine in a 5 Series and a6, an e-Class or in s 90. This thing really can’t hold a candle to those cars, it just can’t offer the same level of brisk acceleration. It makes a bit of dinner as well. Now you may think we being a little bit unfair comparing these carts and diesel rivals.

If we compare Lexus ES 2020 Configuration, Price, Specs to the plug-in hybrid competition like the BMW 530i and the Mercedes e350 II. This es still doesn’t stand up very well compared to those cars either it’s just a bit rough around the edges. When it comes to simple things like brisk acceleration but like we say if you drive this car sedately. The way that Lexus wants you to drive it, it’s absolutely fine just don’t expect the beginning anywhere particularly quickly.

It’s a very soothing car to drive, there have been many times. This week we have been very excited about getting into this car because we know. That we gonna has a stress-free refined and comfortable commute home. For example or a little, to the offices under stressful, It’s just very very soothing.

The ES does the job perfectly, it’s different from its main German competition because it offers something very different. If you want a stress-free refined comfortable car and when you consider the soothing driving experience. The fact it offers very good co2 mpg and bi k ratings. We mean, it’s a pretty competitive and compelling car as the ES. But don’t expect it to set your pants on fire go in with that. With that mindset and this car is very impressive.

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