A Look at the 2021 Mercedes C Class Release Date

A Look at the 2021 Mercedes C Class Release Date – The 2021 Mercedes C Class has been spotted in testing, and it looks like there’s a lot to look forward to. The new model could well be a rival for the BMW 3 Series and Jaguar XEs also due that year.

Mercedes engineers are reportedly testing the vehicle in the Arctic Circle, and reports suggest that it’s going to be an interesting redesign, an evolution on the brand’s existing philosophy rather than a complete re-imagining, the new model with being an RWD vehicle based on the MRA platform which was first seen in the current version of the C-Class. There are some changes – the wheelbase will be longer, and the new powertrain is expected to be electrified in all models.

2021 Mercedes C Class Concept

2021 Mercedes C Class Concept

The current C-Class was the first one to see the 48-Volt tech, in the higher-end model, but it’s expected that in the 2021 Mercedes C Class line up the tech will be applied to all of the models, even the basic one.

2021 Mercedes C Class Plug-in Hybrids

Mercedes will be introducing a plug-in hybrid variant of the C-Class, which is aimed as something to go head-to-head with the BMW 330e. The PHEV model that exists currently in the 3-Series has a range of 41 miles on its battery. Will also features a four-cylinder turbocharged petrol engine. The goal is to get that C-Class range up to 50 miles or even more. An all-electric vehicle is in the works too, which would be a competitor to the Tesla Model 3.

The new model will, as expected, have optional air suspension and has been designed from the ground up with passenger comfort in mind. This is not a boy-racer vehicle, it boasts semi-autonomous driving technology. The addition of level-3 driver assistance. The possibility of hands-off motorway driving at up to 81mph. Of course, this isn’t full self-driving tech. It’s next-level cruise control and it will take some of the load off motorists when they’re doing long-distance drives on motorways.

A New Look

The new C-Class features a slightly more angular looking front end, but it’s mostly the headlights that have changed. The overall silhouette is quite similar to the current model, which is something that long-term Mercedes fans will appreciate.

2021 Mercedes C Class Interior Changes

2021 Mercedes C Class Interior Changes

All-Terrain Options of 2021 Mercedes C Class

One interesting change is that there are plans for a new All-Terrain model, which would be a rival to the Audi A4 Allroad offering. It will have an increased ride height, stronger protection for the underbody. A more rugged appearance with robust bumpers and wheel-arch cladding. Similar to what Mercedes did when they brought to market an all-terrain version of the E-Class.

An Advanced Offering

The emphasis on tech is obvious with this vehicle. Mercedes has invested heavily in improving what it calls the ‘human-machine interface’, with more sensors, improved cameras. A new valet parking function that is operated via a smartphone app. Digital displays and touch-controls make the dashboard less bulky. Help to make the car feel much roomier and more comfortable.

2021 Mercedes C Class Redesign

2021 Mercedes C Class Redesign

It’s expected that the new 2021 Mercedes C Class will have a starting price of around $41,000. Although pricing is not yet confirmed.