2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Hybrid Suv Concept

2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Hybrid Suv Concept – The new Lincoln has been on quite the product refreshed assault over the last 24 months. We there in Los Angeles on the 2019 LA Auto Show. That is the newest member of their plug-in hybrid family. This is the 2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Hybrid Suv Concept.

Now is the second member of the plug-in hybrid family member in the Lincoln lineup. The corsair Grand Touring is going to fill wide, it an important void within the Lincoln family.

New Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Hybrid Suv Redesign

New Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Hybrid Suv Redesign


The new Lincoln Corsair GT will be introducing new features such as their copilot 360 Plus. Which has the full self-driving capabilities or at least a hands-free, self-driving? When it comes to market Lincoln is also gonna be introducing.

They’re using your phone as a key system, So just like Tesla when they choose that a couple of years ago on the model 3. You’ll be able to just use your smartphone and enter and exit the vehicle with just your smartphone. Your dose and there’s no need to use a key.

2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Hybrid Redesign

Now when you look at the design of the Grand Touring all you can get it has the classic proportions of Lincoln’s. As the newer Lincoln products, you have the corporate Lincoln grille, these full LED headlights. We think Lincoln, in general, has been really killing it in terms of the design.

It looks nothing like, of course, the Ford Escape in which this vehicle shares a platform with. We get a lot of baby aviator in the design, As you know the aviator has been quite the success. Which again shared a lot of platform or styling details with the flagship vehicle the Lincoln Navigator.

Now is based on the escape, you do have a vehicle with a much smaller footprint versus the aviator. It’s about 180 points six inches long, which means it’s about a foot shorter than the all-new aviator which is gonna help people who live in a more urban environment.

With the vehicle like that, you’re gonna want to be smaller, you’re gonna want to have that electrification capability. Now, of course, the plug the charge port is gonna be over there look. And didn’t have the final figures yet for how long it’s gonna take to actually plug in the vehicle. When you’re looking to recharge it.

Back View

Now if you won’t follow us over to the back, let’s take a look at some of the styling details or the changes. They’ve made now if you like the design of the Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring 2021, the regular one.

This is basically carrying over the same kind of design theme. You have kind of these taillights, that connect each other through the middle of the tailgate. The Lincoln emblem is kind of spelled out.

There is no running touring or plug-in hybrid badges, which We actually kind of appreciate because of a lot of plug-in hybrids. They try to advertise like crazy that you’re driving on Green vehicle where’s.

This one’s a little bit more subtle, We said it’s actually a lot more subtle. That just like the regular model you have these really tastefully integrated dual-outlet exhausts. Which are mounted flush underneath the bumper?

2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Exterior

2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Exterior

2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Cargo Capacity

This particular one there in this white looks very classy looks, very elegant. Now with the cargo capacity that’s always a big consideration with plug-in hybrids. Unlike plug-in hybrids or hybrids of the past, you don’t lose any actual cargo space back there.

You can see Lincoln has mounted the batteries underneath the rear seats. The regular Corsair gives you around 30 cubic feet of space. That looks roughly the same Lincoln didn’t have final numbers just yet for this plug-in hybrid model.

It’s good to see that the cargo capacity hasn’t been compromised. Because the batteries live underneath the floor.


Now moving on to the interior of the 2021 Corsair grand tour. You can get Lincoln has really been killing it in terms of your exterior designs. That really carries over and when you look at the inside. They’ve kind of been fording their own path with American luxury and offering something different.

When shutting the door it has a really solid sound. So again that’s adding to the impression of quality. This is their least expensive SUV but it feels like you’re in their bigger more expensive models.

This particular one there is basically the top of the stack. It actually even smells expensive in there so unlike Ford Escape which this vehicle shares a platform. With you have an interior that will remind you nothing of the Ford Escape. It has its own unique switchgear, its own unique infotainment system.

Interior materials Quality

The materials in there we mean you have a soft-touch material. There you have real aluminum trim, you have two real stitching there on the dashboard with some shiny metal trim, some piano-black plastic.

The seats themselves are heated and cooled and these are the optional 24 Way perfect position seats. Now, remember Lincoln first offered the 30-way perfect position seats back on the Continental a few years ago.

These allow you to get all kinds of adjustability to get that perfect driving position. That perfect seat position, so that’s something that’s really important for luxury cars.

New Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring 2021 Interior

New Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring 2021 Interior

Infotainment System

In terms of the infotainment system there, this eight-inch sync 3 infotainment system is different versus what you find in something like the escape. It kind of has its own unique graphics, it does include Android auto and apple car play. Then you have a full LCD screen there for the instrument panel which also looks nice.

There are several different drive bones over there the steering wheel itself. There’s also power tilt and telescoping, so all the luxury features do you really expect in addition. The copilot 360 you have the phone that you could use as your key. So you like Shepard have to keep up.

Then this pin or make sunroof above us let in a lot of light. It’s one of the biggest panoramic sunroofs in the industry. So we looking forward to getting behind the wheel and driving. This thing we really like what Lincoln has done for the interior.

Back Seat

Now hopping into the backseat of the Corsair you can see just like the escape. There is actually a good amount of space back there. Now we couldn’t find the actual legroom specs for the Grand Touring model just yet.

But we happy to see that the floor is almost completely flat which is nice. Because there are batteries supposedly either under the floor, under this back seat we have rear-seat vents over there you have to map pockets. Then there’s also an armrest that folds down.

The one thing we noticing this one’s missing no heated rear seats which we kind of expected at this price point. But you do have a power outlet there and a 120 household power plug.

2021 Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Hybrid Engine Specs

The under the hood you find a similar powertrain. That which you get in 2024 to skate plug-in hybrid. The difference is Lincoln adds a third electric motor to the rear actually took a view all-wheel drive.

Now the company is targeting about two hundred and sixty-six horsepower combined with the electric motor. Then the 2.5 liters four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine now. Of course with a plug-in hybrid, the big news is always the range.

Now Lincoln says you’ve got about a 14 and a half kilowatt-hour battery pack. And you should get 25 plus miles of range. Whenever this Depot does decide to go on sale at the end of 2020.

2021 new Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Hybrid Suv Engine Specs

2021 new Lincoln Corsair Grand Touring Hybrid Suv Engine Specs

Price and Release Date

The 2021 Corsair Grand Touring will be joining the Lincoln lineup in the summer of 2020. The Lincoln didn’t have full pricing for this vehicle just yet. They continue targeting some opening costs of nearby $50,000.

We remember the regular Corsair starts around 36,000 dollars. So for all the tech for that plug-in hybrid up to 25 plus miles of range. It should be a good starting price now. Keep in mind in this segment there are competitors like the Volvo xc60 ta which offers 400 horsepower.

Then, only time will tell if the all-new Corsair Grand Touring will be a competitive entry in this growing segment plug-in hybrid luxury SUVs.

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