2021 Audi RS6 Avant USA Specs Changes, Price

2021 Audi RS6 Avant USA Specs Changes, Price – The new Audi has 600 reasons while you want a new station wagon in your driveway. We review at the 2019 LA Auto Show and this gorgeous little beast. It is the all-new 2021 Audi RS6 Avant USA Specs Changes, Price.

now with news products, you probably want to know what’s going on underneath the hood now this has been a forbidden kind of fruit vehicle in America for years.

Redesign Exterior

Like this, one sits how he says you should weigh around 4000 pounds, this is one gorgeous wagon. It’s got one gorgeous engine can’t wait to drive this thing and when it does go on sale.

2021 Audi RS6 Avant Concept Changes

2021 Audi RS6 Avant Concept Changes

Looking at the rest of the front end, you can see for the rs6. The 2021 Audi RS6 Avant USA has grafted on the front fascia of the a7 the s7 and the rs7. We think works really well there because if you look at the standard a6 body style.

The front end looks a little bit too pedestrian, looks too plain with the signature hexagonal grille there. The single-frame grille these full LED headlights with the laser light technology. These massive air intakes which are of course are all functional.

Then you have this bulging sculpted hood paired with this. Really gorgeous dark blue in fact in our review, it probably looks a little bit black, But if you look at it closely. It has this gorgeous metallic sparkle in it from this dark blue, with the black accents.

This is one insanely sexy car, It makes happy. That Audi has listened to enthusiasts they’ve addressed our critics for a new fast station wagon there in the States.

The Wheel Choices of 2021 Audi RS6 Avant USA Concept

When you looking at the wheel choices 21-inch wheels, Are gonna be standard. This is the optional 22-inch wheel with the carbon-ceramic brake option because those brakes are massive.

The wheel looks almost like the same size as the Lamborghini, but probably not we’d say these are like a 16-inch rotor with these massive. Eight piston calipers, Brembo calipers and overall when you look at the profile.

I know Americans like to say wagons are a dirty word, but how could you not like this thing? It’s just so incredibly gorgeous from the flared out fenders to the massive wheels. This really slim roof rails so that panoramic sunroof, This is one insanely practical and beautiful looking car. We think it actually looks better than the Mercedes Benz counterpart.

The Back Of 2021 Audi RS6 Avant USA

On the back of the rs6 Avant, you can see that tasteful understated look carries over in fact if you didn’t know this was an rs6 you could easily dispatch this car. It has that sleeper status with it because it just looks like an ordinary out a wagon aside from the rear underbody diffusers.

These massive products are dual exhaust tips that we cannot wait to fire up this engine. Whenever we do get this one out to actually drive it probably sounds amazing.

Audi RS6 Avant 2021 Interior Design

Audi RS6 Avant 2021 Interior Design

Cargo Capacity

Now being a wagon you probably, want to know what’s the cargo capacity like well? this is a practical family vehicle. The new Audi RS6 Avant USA says you get around 21 cubic feet of space with the seats up fold them down, you get around 59 cubic feet of space. That is matching that of the q8 SUV which is their big SUV.

About the same as what you’re gonna find in a lot of compact crossovers. So just because it’s a performance car, because it’s a wagon does not mean. This thing is not practical and it makes these cars so desirable with a lot of enthusiasts.

2021 Audi RS6 Avant USA Interior

The interior of the rs6 Avant is pretty similar to the regular s6. Shutting the door it actually has a soft closed door of function. This interior obviously has some details to it, to make you realize. That you’re sitting in a special version of the a6.

The seats you can get are more aggressively bolstered. There’s some nice contrasting stitching there heated and cooled. We believe you can also get massaging seats, but don’t quote we are on that.

The Audi doesn’t have final specs yet of the US version. The steering wheel is nice and meaty. Its chunky it has complete suede Alcantara which looks good. Now after a few years, it’ll probably look like crap, so kind of keep that in mind. It’s a power tilt-telescoping steering while.

The interior is just stitched with full leather. This is real leather, this is genuine carbon fiber trim a lot of piano black plastic there. This is the latest version of Audi’s MMI touch response retired wireless, apple car play, Android auto. It also has haptic feedback you have shown or seen this before.

The seats you have a good view of the road. You kind of feel like you is sitting in a regular normal car until you actually touch the steering wheel. And you’ll feel the bolsters and the seats, but that’s kind of beauty about the rs6. It actually makes y’all suggest like you’re just driving an ordinary family car until you put your foot down.

Back Seat

Let’s hop into the backseat and see just how practical this thing actually. If you’re trying to sell this car to your spouse, just hop into the backseat and just look at all the space.

The RS6 gives you now because it’s a wagon. You have a lot of headroom there. We would say at five foot seven, Somebody who’s over six feet will easily brush. Their head up against this.

There’s a fairly good amount of legroom there. There is a hump of Audi RS6 Avant USA concept , that takes up a lot of space for the middle passenger. We would say you have around 37 inches of legroom, it smashing is what you’re gonna get is something like a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla.

There is a nice little armrest, it folds down there, it gives you two cupholders, a little bit more storage. Then, you also have two USB ports, then your own set diversity climate controls and rear-seat airbus.

Engine Specs Changes

The new Audi rs6 Avan really nice to see, It comes to the States finally. What you’re looking at? It is a four-liter Biturbo twin-turbocharged v8, That makes 591 horsepower and 590 pound-feet of torque.

2021 Audi RS6 Avant Redesign

2021 Audi RS6 Avant Redesign

Now, this gets me really excited, because this is a true competitor to the Mercedes AMG e63 wagon and a Porsche Panamera Turbo S Sport Turismo. The rs6 Avant Audi says you’ll get to 60 in around 3.6 seconds reaching a top speed of nearly 190 miles an hour.

All that power, of course, goes through an 8-speed ZF automatic with launch control. Then, of course, you also get Audi’s patented Quattro all-wheel-drive system.

Price and Release Date

If you are looking to purchase this sexy fast wagon. What’s it gonna cost and when is it going to be available? Well, Audi didn’t have full pricing for this vehicle just yet.

I would estimate it’s gonna cost around six figures. Maybe around one hundred and fifteen thousand dollars, keep in mind an s6 and s6 sedan is around eighty thousand dollars. We would easily have another twenty grand for the rs6 and even more money for the wagon version.

Audi says it is available at your local Audi dealership starting in the second quarter of 2020 this will be a 2021 audi model.

2021 Audi RS6 Avant USA Specs Changes, Price in Video Review


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