2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Release Date and Price

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Release Date and Price – Presently. It remained only a topic of time before the world’s oldest car maker joined the Evie race. And 2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Release Date and Price is the first all-electric Mercedes EQC SUV. You can go and buy the 2020 Mercedes EQC SUV release date and price. In this review, I’ll be finding out if the weight has been worth it. What it’s like inside, how good and Evie it is. Whether you should be considering one.

The E QC or to give its full name, the E QC 404 Matic is Mercedes entry into the premium electric SUV class. Arrivals, the Jaguar alley pace, and the Audi each on it by the size and in electric range. And there’s also the small matter of taking on the car that kickstarted the whole SUV electric trend.

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Redesign

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Redesign

The Tesla Model X as for the styling, when I think it has enough futuristic design elements to Mark it out as being electronic. But it’s not too overdone. All cars because I light bar at the back. And there’s even one at the front. Basic sport model cars get lots of blue trim to Ram home.

You can go for this AMG line trip, which along with this two-bar grill, you also get different from the bumper. This makes the 2020 Mercedes EQC SUV look as though it’s wearing a fake mustache. Now you are going to have to dive into the options list to get these 21-inch alloy wheels.

Now I happen to think they look quite nice, but along with those and this front led light bar. The QC is very quickly the blingiest Evy currently on sale now have bling feeling carries over into the interior because take a look at these air events.


Now in ordinary Mercedes, you get turbines style evidence, but here you don’t. Now a turbine-style air vent will be entirely appropriate for. It’s supposed to be eco-friendly. But we don’t have them here. but that’s sort of the most striking thing about them is the fact that they are Rose’s goals.

Whether we’re all going to look at it in five years and think, That is horrendous, but it’s a little bit different isn’t it, and we like that. No other differences are this slotted design around the top of the dashboard. You can play a funny little tune on it if you say a wish. Which is quite lovely and also this isn’t lever that’s covering the dash.

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Interior

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Interior

It’s a weird material, especially on the dashboard here because it’s kind of like a material that you’d find on the wetsuit. It’s very odd, very Taxol but also something we’re not used to. Now other things we are used to are the rest of the controls. Now you get Mercedes’s latest steering wheel with as all of its functions.

All this area down here is a carryover from cars like the Mercedes GLC, which we’re all very familiar with. Again and upfront you get these two 10.25 inch screens. It uses Mercedes’s latest invitations is an MBU act. It does work very nicely. All you have to do the summer and the lady in the dashboard is say, Hey Mercedes, how may I help you? Tell me a joke.

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Changes

It does work very nicely actually. Excellent touch screen system, distinct, very crisp. All the functions work very carefully, and the same goes for the screen in front of you as well. Um, you also get this touchpad down here. Now in the old Mercedes infotainment system. You’d have a scroll wheel, but here you’ve got a touchpad, and I mean I’d prefer the bike to be perfectly honest with you. But it does work perfectly fine storage wise where there’s a couple of big cup holders there.

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Back Seat

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Back Seat

On this particular trim, we’ve got a wireless charging pad, and there’s a USB C connect to there so you can connect your phone up. Um, big cubby down there. Massive Durbin’s. And the other thing I wanted to tell you about is the quality here. Now, for the most part, it’s great.

N the face of it, no E QC is poorly equipped. Entry-level sports models get multibeam led headlights, ambient lighting and are UX with the two large screens, 19-inch alloys, active pack assist with reversing camera and blind-spot support AMG line models like our car get the sportier body kit. Brill and black trim and there is a range-topping edition one model two. But the pig is the AMG line premium with its fabulous Burmis to stereo system augmenting navigation, wireless phone charging, Apple CarPlay, and Android auto.

Engine Specs

Just like the pace and the each on the E QC is four-wheel drive. There’s a motor at the front and another one at the back axle and an 80-kilowatt battery in the middle under the car’s floor. You charge it up quite conventionally no fancy charging ports. Hare open the flat, and there’s a type two or a CCS port.

The QC can charge up to speeds of 110 kilowatts, so that’s a hundred miles of range in 20 minutes. Not that you’ll find many of these charging stations in the UK though you’re more likely to find a 50 kilowatt fast and an 80% top-up from one of these. We’ll take 14 minutes now.

Mercedes can see also Sally a BP charge master seven kilowatts home wall box charger, the 854 pounds. Now it’s the swiftest and most straightforward way to charge up your car at home. I say quickest, it still takes 11 hours, but it’s a lot faster than plugging this carb to a three-pin socket in your garage. But if you do want to do that, Mercedes will give you two charging cables, one that’s suitable for a three-pin plug or a type two-socket as well.

Now the only problem with those two is that they’re four meters long, which is a little bit measly, but they are stored in the boot in this bag. Now in some electric cars, you don’t only get a rear boot, you also get a front kick. Mainly, so in Teslas and Tesla, call those funks, but you don’t get that in the QC because when you lift the bonnet, all you’ve got is one great big piece of plastic and that’s covering up the front electric motor.

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Exterior

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Exterior

2020 Mercedes EQC SUV Release Date and Price

Something you’d expect for a 60 70,000 pound SUV. But there are some other bits which are quite frankly a bit of a letdown, such as here, look at all this. Look, now I know you’re not going to be doing that. If you own a car like this, it all feels a bit cheap.

And also down here now you’ve got um, piano, black hair, which is fine, but new Mercedes EQC SUV 2020 scratches so easy that this car is only a thousand miles old and there’s already lots of scratches there. I can only assume somebody with a watch much like mine.

I do hasten to add been resting their hand on there while they’d been using the touchpad and it’s scratched it. And I just think that is a real shame for that costs so much money. You get cheap quality plastics like that.

And then, Another thing that seems a bit of an afterthought is when you roll down the window. You’ll notice it doesn’t go all the way down. They’ll presume that’s designs that you can still put your arm up on the top head. But from the outside, it just looks plain NAF.