2020 Hyundai Sonata US Features, Release Date, Price

2020 Hyundai Sonata US Features, Release Date, Price – There, in North America, the Sonata nameplate is both well-known and well-respected. In fact, at one point Hyundai managed to move about a quarter-million of these every year. 2020 Hyundai Sonata Us features, Release Date, Price was back in 2011 when the company introduced the sixth-generation Sonata.

Know as the fluidic and design sculpture that was well known because it brought sexy back to the family sedan in a space. Where everything was kind of just stale, looking now since then Sonata sales have really tanked. It’s not just because everybody’s buying a crossover now.

New 2020 Hyundai Sonata Redesign

New 2020 Hyundai Sonata Redesign

Basically with the key fob to park in your parking spot and they were kind of a jerk. And they parked very close to you and you couldn’t open your door well. 2020 Hyundai Sonata Us features, Release Date, Price makes it very easy to get into the car, where you don’t have to kind of do a gymnastics routine to get into the car all you have to do is just push the lock button, push and hold the remote start button as you can see the vehicle starts right up. There’s also a parking button there where you can move the vehicle forward or reverse.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Features

The previous generation just didn’t have the bold look. Which is why we out there just outside of Scottsdale Arizona at the Tonto National Forest with this bold new vehicle. This is the all-new eighth-generation 2020 Sonata.

It rides on an all-new platform, it’s got this bold sensuous sporty design language and it’s got an interior that will remind you of the brand’s luxury division Genesis.

This all-new Sonata there are some pretty cool, new tech features of this vehicle. So we wanted to make sure and a couple of those features. Now the first thing, the key fob for this Sonata is very similar to the one that we showed on the Hyundai Nexo. It has a feature that we showed you on the neck. So as well where they call it smart parking summon feature. It’s very similar to Tesla’s summon feature BMW also offers their version.


When you look at the design of the all-new eighth-generation Sonata. This clearly looks like a distinct evolution from that old 2011 Sonata. Which was widely known for just bringing sexy back to the family sedan segment?

The old one just didn’t have the same kind of gravitas as that previous or is that 2011 model. Now looking at the front fascia of this new one, how can you not talk about it. It’s got a design language, that you’ve never seen on any Hyundai product before.

It, in fact, is going to show what Hyundai is going to be doing in the next couple of years for all the rest of their products because this is one of their most important models.

The new 2020 Hyundai sonata Hybrid calls that a parametric dual grille design. It definitely is bold it stands out, it’s an evolution from the cascade waterfall grille. They had on previous-generation models. The grille is limited trim is black painted. It’s got the sensor for the radar cruise control there’s a nice camera mounted there.

Then the headlights full LED headlights, are gonna be standard equipment on every trim of the Sonata. This limited model, that we looking for has a dual-type LED, So they’re kind of an upgraded LED.

The one big design characteristic of this new generation is the way the daytime running lights work on this car. It’s got a DRL that kind of accentuates the lower portion of the headlight. It also goes into the upper portion thereof the hood into the fender. There’s a cool area because this right there is actually illuminated.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Changes

Looking at the rest of the proportions, they wanted to make this vehicle lower and wider. It’s also longer its overall length at around one hundred and ninety-two points. The nine inches long is about 0.6 inches longer than the current Accord and the Camry.

In total this new Sonata is about two inches longer overall in the overall length and about an inch longer in the wheelbase. Then about two inches lower in height. About an inch wider again giving. This thing more like a look that you associate with Genesis. So we really like the overall proportions of this vehicle.

The wheels this is our biggest complaint with the Sonata, The new one these wheels just look weak these are an 18-inch wheel design Wrapped in two 3545 with tires. The standard wheel is gonna be a 16-inch wheel and alloy. So those of you who would get the base model.

Now those of you who want a panoramic sunroof Hyundai does offer a nice pano sunroof for $1000 extra on the SEL trims and up. It’s standard on this limited grade model. Then you can see there the body lines of this vehicle just have a lot more going for it as opposed to this smooth. Do you know the layout of the previous generation? This has a most sculpted look it has a wider more aggressive stance.


The new Sonata has a typical sedan step-in height and for those of you who are an Android user. Basically, when you’re using the digital key. The new Hyundai sonata then requires you to put the phone on the wireless charging pad there which then tells the car.

That it’s actually in the vehicle and it allows it to actually start up the car. Now shutting the door it has a really nice solid thunk, We actually it sounds way better than the current Camry. So good job on Hyundai this is an all-new platform remember.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Interior

2020 Hyundai Sonata Interior

Now the car actually says, digital keys active which there must be a digital key in there. Because we don’t have it set up on my iOS device but showing or looking at the rest of this cabin. The first thing we want to talk about is design is definitely.

A huge improvement over the previous generation model, they very much just took the current g90 interior, their flagship luxury sedan. The kind of given us a lot of the visual hints that, this is more of an upscale look for this interior.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Infotainment System

Moving on to the head unit, you can get this one has the upgraded 10.2 5-inch display, It also includes factory embedded navigation. If you want this head up or this display you have to go for a model that has navigation which is optional on the SEL plus with a tech package standard on the limited those of you.

Who doesn’t get factory nav will have a smaller 8-inch display, which is again larger than most of our than the previous generation. Then, about the same size as most of the competitors basically it’ll cut the screen off a little bit.

Then, You’ll have a little more black plastic but this two-screen display, you’ve got a twelve-point 3-inch digital display. That comes standard on the SEL plus and up optional on the SEL with this ten-point to 5-inch display. It makes it look more like a luxury car in there.

The Sonata now has a bigger screen versus all the competitors, We talk about the Accord, the mazda6, the Camry. This has the luxury feel of the mazda6 but with a much better infotainment system. We think that’s gonna be a huge selling feature for Hyundai whenever this car or when you decide to look at this car.

Now looking at the air you can get it does have Android auto and apple car play, the apple car play actually is going to be standard even on the base or eight-inch display. Then you can have got the iOS 13 on my phone. Where it has a newer system, where it’ll has the new home screen.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Rear Camera

Now putting the vehicle to reverse, this limited model also includes the 360 camera for a mainstream car. That is an amazing resolution, we really impressed with that, of course, it’s not as gonna be good as Mercedes or BMW. This is you know for this price the clarity is really strong.

The limited also includes a heads-up display which is nice. They’ve surrounded their blind spot vision cameras So just like in the palace. That we showed you whenever you signal right, it puts a camera display there. In the actual right side to show what’s in your blind spot.

If you signal left it does the same thing on the other side this is very similar to Honda’s lane watch system. Unlike the Honda system which only puts it on the passenger side and puts the display on this screen. The Hyundai did it much better and this is kind of where Honda should have evolved their blind view camera system to where you know Hyundai obviously is now over there.

New 2020 Hyundai Sonata Interior Feature

Of drive, this helped free up a lot of space there to give you or to hunt for allowing Hyundai to give you some center console storage space because as you know a lot of sedans are competing with crossovers nowadays. The people really like having you know space for your phone, your keys, your wallet.

There are two cupholders over there which are large your drive mode selector is over there. That’s a little toggle, if you swap it down you can see it goes between a normal sport. The custom setup you can see the gauges do a cool little change to show what mode you’re in the sport. It changes it to like a red, it’s very similar again to the policy.

The center console there is a pretty good size, it is lined with some felt at the bottom there. There isn’t actually no USB ports in the console, there are two USB ports over there, addition to a power outlet.

The lid itself is also nice and padded which is good and then the seats we find that to be comfortable but they could be a little bit softer. We think the seat padding could be a little bit softer the Ultima and the mazda6 have a little bit softer seats.

Then above the limited comes standard with a panoramic sunroof, it’s $1,000 extra on the lower trims which adds in a lot of light. So again a lot of features, a lot of people are looking for a future like that.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Back Seat

With this sensuous sportiness design language, Hyundai had to make the roofline dip down a lot lower for this car to make it look sexier. But despite that Hyundai says you still get around 38 inches of headroom which is about the same as the previous generation which had a more conventional shape at 5 foot 7.

We not very tall but we did have my camera guy who’s 6 foot 1 back there. He actually said that he was fine his hair wasn’t even touching the roof, So again they did a great job with the packaging.

This is where we would have the front seat or the seat to drive if we were driving. There actually is a good amount of space back there like we can sit back we can cross our legs. It feels very open and airy, especially with the panoramic sunroof.

The floor there is not completely flat but you could put three people across. So even though the numbers say this is the smallest in the segment. It’s still very competitive in real-world usage we like the fact that. There are rear-seat vents, there’s a USB port and then there’s also a nice armrest that folds down, that gives you two cupholders.

2020 Hyundai Sonata Exterior

2020 Hyundai Sonata Exterior

The one thing we noticing is missing no heated rear seats. This would be pleasant if there existed some rear-seat sunshades. It’s making me want more of those features because the interior makes you feel like you’re sitting in a luxury car.

2020 Hyundai Sonata US Specs Configurations

An all-new design there are actually two all-new powertrains, that launch for the new Sonata. The first thing when you open up the hood, Hyundai wants you to gawk at the fact that there are no hood cut lines instead. It goes all the way up to the grille which is a nice design feature. It makes this thing look a lot more premium.

This particular one there that we showing you has the uplevel engine with the limited and the SEL plus. It’s the company’s 1.6-liter turbocharged gasoline direct injection four-cylinder.

Now this engine does sound familiar to the motor, that was in the Sonata Eco, but Hyundai says they’ve completely redesigned the internals. Then they’re introducing a world-first they’re calling continuously variable valve duration or C BB D.

The new 2020 Hyundai Sonata Us features, Release Date, Price was trying to explain what that actually does it kind of sounds very similar to variable valve timing and lift it. Basically will continuously alter the valve timing at least that’s, what they say in a matter that is very different from all the previous systems. It’s part of their third-generation SmartStream engine technology. It’s kind of similar to what honda calls with their earth streams.

2020 Hyundai Sonata US Release Date and Price

Now with all that said if you are looking to purchase the all-new Sonata. We think it’s one of the top choices in terms of refinement. We would pick it easily over the current generation Camry just because we think the interior is far nicer.

It’s got a great drivetrain what’s it going to cost though if you’re looking to put when you well. These are already on sale. They went on sale last month at a starting price of twenty-three thousand seven hundred dollars. The base s ii model.

If you want the 1.6 turbos you’re gonna spend around twenty-seven thousand five hundred dollars to get the SEL plus. The yellow one to show off the sporty-er version. This limited basically has everything it includes the heated and cooled seats the panoramic sunroof.

The surround vision camera the blind spot view cameras all in this one there around thirty-four thousand five hundred dollars. With a destination which does make the sadhana again a very strong value fully loaded versions of the Camry.

Will easily top thirty-eight thousand dollars but again that does include a six-cylinder. We can only imagine what Hyundai is going to charge. The ending does come out but still at thirty-four thousand dollars with all the tech all the Luxury these features.

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