2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Release Date

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Release Date – If you’re looking to buy an affordable small car in America, the two most well-known nameplates remain the Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic. Now compared to its Toyota counterpart the Civic has consistently been the better driving some may argue better-looking and just overall more premium feeling alternative.

If you are looking to spend the least amount of money possible so as for 2020 Honda has made some slight changes to the Civic hatchback. In order to address some new competition in the form of the Kia Forte Volkswagen Jetta and of course the Mazda 3.

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Redesign

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Redesign

So as this week honda has loaned them, the top of the spec this is a 2020 Civic hatchback sport touring. And the big question we want to be answered does the 2020 Civic hatchback remain one of the best driving affordable compact cars on the market.

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Redesign

Front View

Looking at the styling of the Civic hatchback, The honda has made some slight tweaks to match, What they did on the sedan and on the coupe model. The Sport trims all include this blacked-out grille, in fact, every hatchback model. Will actually include the blacked-out grille and the upper trims will also include these full LED headlights. Then you have to go for the upper trims like the sport touring to get this full LED headlight package, you have an LED turn signal LED daytime, running lights LED low and high beams.

The regular Civic still has halogen fog lights, if you go for an SI or a Type R they will include LED fog lights. But The Honda has kind of smooth out the front end they got rid of some of the gaudy fake vents and replaced it with the kind of just there’s black. Black plastic that hides the radar sensor for the Honda sensing and overall. We think the Civic is still an attractive looking car especially when you get it in the right color. This polished metal metallic, it’ll certainly still stand out and it looks really sporty. We think the design on the outside has aged very well.

Now the Civic hatchback was delayed about a year compared to the coupe and the sedan body style, unlike the two other body styles. This one is built in the UK although Honda is probably going to switch out production to another location because the UK plant is closing down this year. but as the styling hasn’t really changed overall.

Side View

When looking at the side profile, there are some new wheel options this sport-touring that has a really attractive set of 18-inch wheels riding on to 3540 with tires. These wheels actually looking better than the 2020 Civic Si Sedan and coupe that We drove earlier this year. We think these wheels with the black accents with the machine finish looks good especially in this machine grey painted exterior color.

Now it shares the same 106.3-inch wheelbase as its coupe and sedan counterparts there is an LED turn signal on the mirror. On this sport-touring also a sunroof, its overall length is around 178 inches long. So the hatch remains about five inches shorter than the sedan. It’s a little bit longer by a couple of inches versus the coupe.

So it slots in the middle in terms of the overall size now as Honda didn’t go with a deviation illuminate introduced. This car back in 2017 instead it kind of has like a sport back look to it. Where it tries to look a little bit more like a coupe. We guess although it’s not quite as sloping, we wish that Honda had kept this more like a traditional hatch in terms of its design like the Mazda 3.

All civics have basically also the catch backs have alloy wheels even the base LX gives you a 16-inch alloy wheel. Then you’ll also get rear disc brakes and unlike the Mazda 3 which has always been. This cars main rival Honda kept a fully independent multi-link suspension at the rear as opposed to the new. The new 3 which has a semi-independent twist-beam outback now.

Back View

Now back you could see honda has made no changes to the styling of the new Civic hatchback. They didn’t really need to all this remains the most controversial. Then of this new hatchback, The Honda used this car as the basis of the Civic Type-R but not the massive wing. That the Type-R has we actually say it looks a little bit naked. Because there’s a little wing. That’s integrated there’s also another that’s integrated at the top it’s a little busy some of you have expressed that you like it or you hate it.

The taillight design is basically an all incandescent design. There are some LED accents but you have an LED for just the tail light. And then, it’s an incandescent bulb for the turn signal reverse lights they did fix the rear bumper area. Where they added this little piece to kind of break up. All the fake plastic vents, it still looks a little bit too race for our taste we do like.

The exhaust that honda puts on the sport and sport-touring, it’s a dual center-mounted outlet, it actually looks better than the exhaust you get on these Civic Si. Then, maybe even the Civic Type-R with its triple exhaust system it doesn’t really sound all that great anyway. The Type R, in general, doesn’t sound good either so the Civic sport-touring doesn’t really as well.

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Exterior

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Exterior

Cargo Space 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring

Now when you opening up the cargo area, this is the whole reason why you decided to buy the Civic hatchback. There’s actually a fairly good amount of space back there. The Honda says you get around 23 cubic feet of space. With the seats up if you fold down the seats, you get around 46 cubic feet of space.

Now that compares very well to the city and which offers only about 15 cubic feet of space. So again if you want to carry the most crap you need to make sure you get the hatchback.

Smart Key and Door Handle

The Honda didn’t make too many changes to the exterior of the Civic hatch for 2020. But let’s hop into the inside and see some of the changes they’ve made. The first thing we want to talk to you is the key fob. That Honda currently uses the key is their smart key access system with intelligent key. You’ll get this on the sport trims and up which is good. because previously you had to pay for the e X trim.

To start the engine up it does come with a remote start, just push the lock button once push and hold this button and the engine will start right up for you. If you want to shut off the engine just push and hold the button again and that will shut off the engine for you, just like every other Honda.

The door handle has a button on the outside. If you touch that button that locks the door. Then To unlock it, you just have to touch the back of the handle and that will unlock the door for you.

Driving The New 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback

The 10th generation Civic was definitely a benchmark when it came out about four years ago. If that’s still the case because there are a lot of new entries however this sport-touring version with the CVT, with the 1.5 turbos, When putting our foot down and We see how the acceleration compares four years later.

The one thing about the Civic when this car came out it really, it really set a new benchmark. Because this car will sprint to 60 in around 6.7 seconds with the 1.5 t. The CVT combination off the line, this car still doesn’t feel all that fast. It’s really when you when the tack needle swings past to 3000 rpm. That’s when this car really takes off, it has an impressive amount of low-end torque.

With New Engine Options

There’s just kind of torque everywhere and as soon as your foot goes down, this is like the way the Civic ass we used to accelerate. That’s the kind of reason why do you know the current si at least. Before we drove the 2020 model, We felt it wasn’t differentiated enough because the civics chassis is still one of the best handling chassis in the business. We will go on record and say this out handles the mazda3. The new one is still the sportiest compact to drive.

The steering is just wonderful we mean there’s so much playing. It’s so quick the tires have plenty of grips the chassis stays very neutral. The suspension stays very flat visibility is also good and really, it’s just the CVT. The CVT is not an enthusiast choice because it makes the engine sound terrible. There are these little paddles on the wheel with the sport touring. But they know our typical CVT they mimic, These fake gears but keep in mind.

The new Civic Hatchback is a new six-speed manual that you can get with this car. With this specific trim although Honda limits it to just three colors white gray and black. The fact that Honda offers a manual transmission, they are saving the manuals is kind of like Mazda. They offer a stick shift on the Mazda 3 only in the highest contrition. So it’s a wonderful thing.

Interior Lighting When Driving

Now in terms of just daily driving the 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Release Date, We are driving this car like just around 4:30 it’s about to be dark. The interior lighting is definitely weak, the week’s point there’s very little accent lighting.

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Interior Changes

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Interior Changes

The interior itself like we said earlier, it’s just the most dated element of this carbon. Sure, you’ve got an apple car play and android auto but this is the old you know seven-inch infotainment system. It’s very small by today’s standards it’s still very laggy. This is not the newest system but you get in the Accord.

Why You Should Buy A 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring

If you looking to buy a compact car, The Civic hatchback remains a very enticing option. The Honda has made some slight tweaks to the car for the 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Release Date. But the car itself was already good back in 2017. They didn’t really need to make that big of a change is real. The interior is probably the most dated element, it just comes down to that small screen. The fact that Honda doesn’t offer memory seats, cooled seats, panoramic sunroof. Or you know an interior that has a little bit more in terms of cabin lighting.

The Civic still remains one of the best handling quickest accelerating and best-driving compact cars. It even drives better than the Volkswagen Jetta, Mazda 3, etc. So really Honda has done a really impressive job the platform of this car. The bones for the Civic Type-R which itself is the best driving front-wheel-drive compact hatch that you can buy.

New Honda civic hatchback actually looks a little bit naked without the big wing. We wish Honda would offer the SI in the hatch body style. It really would do well but really if you want to get a manual transmission and a top trim. You can get the sport-touring with a six-speed. This year which makes it a very enticing option.

2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring Release Date and Price

The speaking of which how much you’re gonna pay for a Civic hatchback? 2020 Honda Civic Hatchback Sport Touring release date car starts for the base LX at around $21,650. This particular that we talk you for way more it’s around twenty-nine thousand seven hundred bucks. It includes basically everything that you want in this class of vehicle. Although say for a couple of those high-tech features that you really would like.

Really, a thirty thousand dollar Civic was a very strange proposition a couple of years ago. But now with compact cars getting so expensive because there’s a lot of tech in them. It has the standard Honda sensing, so you have all the safety tech in them.

These are replacement for bigger vehicles, That’s exactly why manufacturers are kind of throwing. In all extra tech into a vehicle like this. With all that said we hope you have enjoyed our full overview of a 2020 Honda Civic sport touring hatchback.

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