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2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Interior Dimensions, Release

2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Interior Dimensions, Release Date – It’s the junior, and this is the all-new one, but 2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Interior Dimensions, Release rather controversial, that’s because BMWs are traditionally rear-wheel drive to make them more fun to drive and that’s the way the one has always been.

In fact, underneath you’ll find the same platform used on the MINI Clubman and the BMW 2 Series Active Tourer MPV. So by losing its USP has the 2020 BMW 1 Series release just like every other premium family hatchback and become rather boring.


Now you’ll have your views on the way this car looks and, please do pop those in the comments box below but for me I can’t help but think this car looks just a little bit too ordinary if you cover up the BMW badge and the double kidney grille it just looks a bit too much like any other family hatchback, but that’s just in view.

2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Redesign

2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Redesign

storage well there’s a couple of cup holders there with a USB charging port decent-sized door bins good-sized glovebox, and then under the armrest, there’s another little cubby with a USB C charging port as well.

speaking about children one thing that is worth noting with the new 2020 BMW 1-series is that when you open the doors, you’ve got a very wide opening there, which is great when you’re loading those child seats.

2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Interior

Secondly, it’s also the quality everything here feels very nice indeed lots of nice quality materials, dotted around the cabin. Thirdly, it’s the technology, now every car comes with this touchscreen system here, it’s not just touchscreen, you can also control it with the rotary dial down here now being double use iDrive system is the best in the business, it looks great, and it works great.

The apple car play comes with standard, but only for the first year v12, in years two-three and onwards you’re going to have to pay for it. Talking about paying for things, these cars got to technology packs this press car each costing fifteen hundred pounds, the first one comes with a head-up display among other things and the second one comes with this screen in front of you.

2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Interior

2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Interior


Along with the standard infotainment screen, AC cars get 16-inch wheels city braking, and lane departure warning front and rear parking sensors LED headlights and cruise control. Pic of the range is the M Sport with its Fortius tiling 10-millimeter lower right height and leather trim and sitting right at the top is the m135i.

you can just about fit three people back here but BMW 1 series hatchback is a very tight squeeze also this seat base is very flat saying you don’t seem to get much sort of under leg support which is not very good on long journeys having said all of that there is some ventilation down here we’ve got two USB C charging ports.

while the back seats might offer similar levels of space as the old one series it’s in the boot where things really improve thanks to that switch from rear to front-wheel drive there’s, now more boot room it’s larger than a Mercedes a classes and fold the seats down and there are 1,200 liters on offer.

2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Exterior

2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Exterior

2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback Engine

from launch you’ll be able to get a cooking one one eight I pet roll and a hot m135i with over 300 brake horsepower and four-wheel drive, but diesel there’s a 1.5 liter 3-cylinder in the 1-1 6d and 148 brake horsepower 2 liters for the one 118 there’s also a hundred eighty-seven brake horsepower two Peter, in the 120-day xDrive or wheel drive comes only on the 120 d and the m135i we’ve got the 1 1 8i.

do you get that distinctive 3 cylinder sort of warble but the rest of the time you’d swear this was a 4 cylinder engine it is so smooth, not rough at all, in this car we’ve got 138 brake horsepower so it shifts pretty nicely as well and the general feeling of this car is one of refinement and that feeling is added to with the gearbox.

Unfortunately, there are no paddles behind the steering wheel. But really, that is a very small gripe the gearbox. The 2020 BMW 1 Series hatchback engine works perfectly together. The question you’re dying to know has the switch. From the rear-wheel-drive to the front-wheel-drive ruined, the one series it hasn’t I mean come on.

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